The People


Mike has spent most of his life working in kitchens of one kind or another. From starting at 16 in McDonald's to Maison Boulud at 28 and finally to co-running Dalla Rose for 7 years, he's been able to experience food many different ways.

For the last year Mike has been trying to figure out what's next. He's working with restaurants to help them get organized and control costs through Seasoned Professionals, but he keeps coming back to cooking.

Ramen 9000 let's him flex those culinary muscles, making the days buried in spreadsheets a little less painful.


Erez has over 20 years of culinary experience, from working with Derek Dammann at DNA to Blue Hill at Stone Barn in New York and managing the kitchen as Sous Chef at Le Serpent in Montreal.

He and Mike met while Mike was in culinary school doing a stage at DNA and years later, Mike convinced him to come make ice cream at Dalla Rose where he helped steer the kitchen for 6 years.

When he isn't surfing, he's making moves in web development, but he loves cooking too much to let Mike do Ramen 9000 stuff without him.


Jen helped make the first event possible and while she's onto other things in her professional life, we think she deserved a shout-out for everything she did to make the first event a success.